Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New - Unconstructed Jackets

The newest tailoring grade - light as air - we call it the "Arietta" is new for Spring '08. Many years in the making this jacket is gorgeous, and feels more like a shirt, yet has the outward appearance of a fully constructed coat. You have to experience the featherweight comfort that is created by combining tropical weight silk/linen/wool blend fabrics with the ultimate in lightweight construction. Light, airy, and perfect for summer suits and sport coats. Try a summer blazer in linen, matched with cotton/microfiber slacks for an ideal casual yet sophisticated look. The coats feature a French "open facing" an unconstructed (no shoulder pad whatsoever) shoulder, book-folded inside seams, and minimal lining. The "Arietta" is the ultimate in lightweight comfort and style. If you naturally sweat a lot, this is the coat you'll never mind wearing even in the heat of summer! I am having my first suit made in this construction, so just ask and I'll show you mine. Or better yet, just order one for yourself.

Live and Dress Well,

Alan V.

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