Saturday, August 8, 2009

JT Vinson - "Clothier of Champions"

Urban Meyer Sightings
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JT Vinson is again the official clothier of Urban Meyer and the Urban Meyer coach's show. Here are two recent events and you can see Coach Meyer wearing his favorite J.T. Vinson orange and blue ties at SEC media days. He's sporting a 3 button Black-solid Super 150's custom suit designed and made by JT Vinson. I explained to him that this is your "do-everything" power suit! If you ask me Urban looks better than that other guy!

Here he is also wearing the tie, (which is a copy of the tie that Billy Donovan wore when the Gators won their first ever National Championship game) while walking with Barack Obama. I gave both Gator coaches the tie as a gift, and I'm so glad to see Urban broke it out for something as important as a trip to the Whitehouse, as Billy did for his first National Championship appearance. I like seeing my clothes in high places!! Naturally, when a man is going to meet the President of the United States he ought to be wearing great clothes. What else but JT Vinson custom!

Since both coaches intend on winning more championships, I'm busy figuring out what they should wear. Stay tuned!

So, what BIG DEAL do you have coming up? Are you ready to win?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Question: How do I stop my dress shirt collars from getting too tight?

A number of factors influence collar size and can make a collar uncomfortably snug. First, be sure you are buying the correct collar size. As professionals, we take your measurements to ensure you will be comfortable around the collar when buttoned-up.

Secondly, remember that it only takes a 4-7 lb. weight fluctuation to cause your collars to become a pain in the neck.

All natural fiber shirting, especially 100% cotton, will always shrink after the first laundering. Custom shirt makers know this and cut shirts larger to compensate. After just a few launderings, the collar will settle into the correct size and fit perfectly.

Laundering in excessively hot water, failure to tumble dry a shirt, and pressing with extreme heat, can also cause unwanted shrinkage and may even affect the construction materials that bond the top collar to the shirt, resulting in permanent damage and creases in the collar.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Special Pricing for the Summer on Custom Suits

Beginning at the first Monday in June we have put in some special pricing for custom made suits. Currently our opening pricepoint for custom tailored suits, which regularly sell for $975, is on sale for $750 each. There is currently a glut worldwide in luxury fabrics, therefore high end fabrics are costing less until the market conditions correct themselves to normal.

The suit collection you get to select from is top notch Super 130's and above, and would be determined in person with your personal clothier of course!

We ReMeasure Every Time!!

Alan Vinson

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Closet Organization

The 80/20 Rule is alive and well in most people's closets. According to organizational expert Peter Walsh, we wear 20 percent of our clothes 80 percent of the time. Further, we often tend to buy the same things over and over again.

It's perfectly fine to lock into our fashion favorites and keep those items well stocked in our wardrobes. Walsh suggests hanging similar items together so you know exactly what you have on hand in your working wardrobe.

It's a good thing to periodically sort through your clothes and separate them into "keep" and "donate" piles. If you haven't worn an item in the last 6-12 months, the likelihood is that you never will.

After purging the closet, which often results in a closet that feels more spacious and uncluttered, try ridding the closet of wire hangers and upgrading to nicer wooden hangers, all of which match for an organized, coordinating look.

Now, start out with all the hangers hung in the reverse direction. Test the 80/20 Rule yourself. Since you wear 20 percent of your clothes 80 percent of the time, for the next six months, whenever you wear an article of clothing and hang it back in the closet, hang it the correct way. After six months, if you have items that are still hanging backwards in your closet, ask yourself, "Am I ever going to wear it again?"

If it can be altered or repaired, have it done. If not, donate it and replace it with more functional pieces in your working wardrobe.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The JT Vinson Value Proposition

JT Vinson customers don't ever have to shop for clothing or accessories if they don't want to. That's what we're all about. For 14 years now we have helped men avoid the hassles of shopping for and trying on clothes. But make no mistake, our customers are people who care - a lot - about the clothes they wear. How does it fit? How comfortable am I wearing my suit? They like wearing nice clothes, just not shopping for them and trying stuff on!

JT Vinson Clothiers is built so that a man (and now a woman) can have their clothes MADE for them at essentially the same price as off the rack suits, shirts, sport jackets, and pants. It is done once or twice a year with a client, generally at their home or their office. It's called wardrobe management, and that is what JT Vinson is all about.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Invest in You

In times like these how do you know what to invest in? In my opinion an investment you can always count on is an investment in yourself. While it is true that most people are only spending money on necessities, it is also true that investing money in yourself and your future is always a good decision.

A nice suit of clothes is a tool if you will to increase a man’s self confidence, open doors and establish themselves in just the right way in the eyes of those with whom he does business. Tough times require more resolve, more effort, more sales calls, and every advantage a man can find. Any opportunity to stack the deck in our own favor must be considered. Having new clothes makes a man feel better, even if just a few new ways to wear what he already has. It takes a man from “same old - same old”, to fresh new and interesting. New clothes bring compliments, and compliments add to self confidence. Other than additional education, what better way to invest in oneself than to buy a new suit of clothes?

By Alan M. Vinson