Monday, November 15, 2010

Giving the Gift of Custom Clothing

At  JT Vinson Company, gift certificates are a great way to give the gift of custom clothing.  When you give a JT Vinson gift certificate, you automatically get more value for your gift giving dollars. Not only is the service of coming to you a royal treatment, but at JT Vinson company we automatically give you 20% extra value for the money you spend to purchase a gift certificate.

Let's take an example of $200.  Lets say you had a $200 limit in mind for a nice gift.  Because we offer you 20% extra value on your gift certificate, $200 is enough to buy a gift certificate for two custom-made dress shirts normally priced at $125 each (almost 25% off).

As another example, lets say you were looking to spend up to $500.  Normally, a custom sport coat from a nice fabric might cost $600. For $500 you can buy a gift certificate that would allow someone to have a beautiful custom sport jacket made exclusively for them by JT Vinson Clothiers.  Our 20% bonus on gift certificates is what makes the difference and makes your dollars go farther.  Let us help you this Christmas.  Call us today!

Of course the best thing about giving custom clothing from JT Vinson is, that there is no returning items that don't fit, no wondering if you're getting something they will like, and no waiting in lines.  It's guaranteed to fit, and be something he likes.

Trust the company that for 12 years has provided beautiful clothing for the areas top business professionals.  JT Vinson is "Jacksonville's Best-Dressed Secret."

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