Friday, February 15, 2008

Just returned from Clothing Market

I have just returned from this years Las Vegas Clothing market which included MRket and Magic. I had an opportunity to look at the men's neckwear that is all the nicest stuff out there. I emerged having made one or two large buys and with some fresh ideas on my mind for the spring summer season. This years' tie selections I liked best will consist of many variations on stripes and paisleys. It seems like the old patterns on ties have been brought back with a fresh look. When it comes to tie patterns without a doubt the neatest stuff at the market were the patterns of old, but they have been "enlived" and fused with rich colors, especially in colors like copper, orange, light blue with brown, and lots of purple. In just a few days I will begin receiving some of the very nicest ties I've ever had! Plus we will have great new stuff arriving each month for the next two months. If anyone out there wants me to come by with some ties, just let me know. I'm your man! AV

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