Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Slim Is In

by Alan Vinson

Suits are taking on a decidedly slimmer look both in the pants and jackets. Today's updated suit has a trimmer overall look, with clean lines and natural shoulders rather than the bit more padded extended shoulders that have been the look for so many years. Some men are even opting for plain front pants, however we still recommend pleated pants for your suits. Having said that however, you would do well to have your pants made a bit less full through the leg/thigh area to reflect todays updated styling. An updated suit should have a closer fit while still having great comfort. Also, two button coats with slimmer lapels and a higher button stance are now solidly more popular than three button suits. Last year we made more two button jackets than three button coats for the first time in several years. Side vents are still a popular style, however the center vent has regained popularity even with the most fashion forward designers. As a designer myself, for years I have been a "side vents guy", but the suit I have on order for myself right now is styled with a center vent. It is probably the first center vent coat I've made for myself in over 10 years! And, of course, don't forget the features. Make sure you ask for working buttonholes on the sleeves (surgeon's cuffs), and pic-stitching on the lapels and pocket flaps. These details really add a little something to the suit, and shows that it was made well enough to warrant the extra details. I also recommend doing a little something with the lining inside the coat. You don't have to get crazy, but give it a little thought next time you have a suit made. A burgundy, or gold lining with herringbone or paisley can add character, and I have some very beautiful new choices with which to to line your coats. Of course I hope to create something for you soon. Nothing lifts a man's spirit, and puts a pep in the step like sporting a new suit of clothes!!

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