Saturday, March 1, 2008

Actual Cloth Bolts - A new wrinkle in our business

While I was at the clothing show in Las Vegas I picked up 7 (particularly nice) bolts of cloth to bring back to Jacksonville with me. So, now I have 4 bolts for suits and 3 bolts for Sport coats at my office. These fabrics were just too good of a deal on too nice of a piece of cloth to pass up. Here's what it means to you. If you were to have a suit or sportcoat made from one of these that I own the cloth for, you would get an incredible value. These 7 cloths are available at a 30% discount from their regular price. If you have any interest, contact me and I will come to your office or you can stop by to see the actual bolt of cloth. What this also means is that you can see a very large piece of the fabric rather than the usual 5" x 7" swatch. I anticipate ordering more fabric this way in the future. It allows customers to see a large piece of the cloth before ordering and I can give a better price on these fabrics which I have already "landed". Stay tuned for more details.

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