Monday, March 17, 2008

Chamber Leadership trip to China

Mayor John Peyton and myself at the entrance to the Summer Palace in Beijing
(Click on image for closeup)

Last week I was in China with the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce for the International Leadership trip. It was extremely positive 10 day trip from March 7th - 17th. We travelled with a 35 person delegation including the Mayor of Jacksonville, and were treated like absolute royalty while we were there!! I especially gained a great deal of knowledge from the trip in as well as some connections there that could prove invaluable to me in the clothing business, not to mention 34 great new friends! China is very impressive with some of the most massive cities I have ever seen. We visited Beijing, where this Summer's Olympics will be held, and climbed the Great Wall of China. We then spent three days in Shanghai where the size and scope of the city boggles the mind. You can buy anything you want in Shanghai, and it is manufactured right there. We then visited Hong Kong for three days and I must say it is the most beautiful and efficient city I have ever seen. I spent some time with a few of the famous Hong Kong Tailors, and learned quite a bit while I was there. Hats off to the Chamber here in Jacksonville for creating one of the most memorable trips I have ever had, and one that promises to pay great dividends for me (and my clients), and an experience I will never forget! - AMV

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