Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Question: How do I stop my dress shirt collars from getting too tight?

A number of factors influence collar size and can make a collar uncomfortably snug. First, be sure you are buying the correct collar size. As professionals, we take your measurements to ensure you will be comfortable around the collar when buttoned-up.

Secondly, remember that it only takes a 4-7 lb. weight fluctuation to cause your collars to become a pain in the neck.

All natural fiber shirting, especially 100% cotton, will always shrink after the first laundering. Custom shirt makers know this and cut shirts larger to compensate. After just a few launderings, the collar will settle into the correct size and fit perfectly.

Laundering in excessively hot water, failure to tumble dry a shirt, and pressing with extreme heat, can also cause unwanted shrinkage and may even affect the construction materials that bond the top collar to the shirt, resulting in permanent damage and creases in the collar.

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