Saturday, August 8, 2009

JT Vinson - "Clothier of Champions"

Urban Meyer Sightings
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JT Vinson is again the official clothier of Urban Meyer and the Urban Meyer coach's show. Here are two recent events and you can see Coach Meyer wearing his favorite J.T. Vinson orange and blue ties at SEC media days. He's sporting a 3 button Black-solid Super 150's custom suit designed and made by JT Vinson. I explained to him that this is your "do-everything" power suit! If you ask me Urban looks better than that other guy!

Here he is also wearing the tie, (which is a copy of the tie that Billy Donovan wore when the Gators won their first ever National Championship game) while walking with Barack Obama. I gave both Gator coaches the tie as a gift, and I'm so glad to see Urban broke it out for something as important as a trip to the Whitehouse, as Billy did for his first National Championship appearance. I like seeing my clothes in high places!! Naturally, when a man is going to meet the President of the United States he ought to be wearing great clothes. What else but JT Vinson custom!

Since both coaches intend on winning more championships, I'm busy figuring out what they should wear. Stay tuned!

So, what BIG DEAL do you have coming up? Are you ready to win?

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